Python Programming

Python Programming

By Python Software Foundation
100 hrs.
Next Batch Date
12 Feb 2020

The Python course gives you a broad range of fundamental knowledge for all IT careers. Through a combination of lecture, hands-on labs, and self-study, you will learn how to install, operate, configure, and verify Python Interpreters in Linux and Windows Operating Systems. The course covers installation, foundational programming concepts such as variables, data-types, functions, classes, error handling, loops, regex, multi-tasking, special functions, data handling with files and databases; web scraping and automation, network automation, Server Automation (Windows & Linux) ; GUI stand-alone software development and basic API development for web-based applications. The course also gives you a foundation in OS Architectures, data visualization and software engineering & design. This course created for candidates to build a foundation in the programming and automation domain for developing real-world applications.

What You Will Learn

A brief overview of everything you'll learn in this course

  • Become an automation engineer with python
  • Join the python for automation course and start your journey to become a data scientist
  • Learn python scripting for data analysis
  • Build your foundation for advanced course like DevOps, SDN, Automation, Software Development, IoT, machine learning, deep learning and also other coding languages
  • Learn and develop skills in various python libraries and modules
  • Develop skills in pycharm, IDE, Anaconda, Jupyter Notebooks
  • Develop skills in data analysis using opencv, pandas, docx, openpyxl, matplotlib, PDFHandling, sqlite3 & sqldb for sql databases, pymongo for nosql databases
  • Develop skills and become automation engineer by using web scraping libraries such as selenium(webdrivers) & BeautifulSoup
  • Develop skills and become a server administator by using python modules like paramiko, netmiko and ANSIBLE
  • Develop skills in GUI Automation by using pyautogui and pywinauto libraries
  • Develop software with python tkinter
  • Develop REST APIs using flask in python to learn web-development basics
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Course Details

All the information you need regarding this course

This 100hrs (Lectures + hands-on Lab) Python training is targeted to engineers and technical personnel who want to start learning or enhance their skills in foundational OOP programming, code efficiency, web automation, network & server automation, data extraction, web scraping, data cleaning & visualization, GUI software development and basic API development. The Python track covers a breadth of topics like Environment Setup, Python2 vs Python3, loops, OOP concepts, data-type fundamentals, multi-tasking, automation, data handling and programmability. Python is a lab-intensive course and objectives are accomplished mainly through hands on learning.

  • Course contents are based on in-demand Python projects being developed in the real world.
  • Dedicated Monitoring to evaluate and report candidates progress
  • Extensive hands-on lab exercises
  • Industry acclaimed, experienced and certified instructors
  • Instructor led online training is an ideal vehicle for delivering training to individuals anywhere in the world at any time.
  • This innovative approach presents live content with instructor delivering the training online.
  • Candidates will be performing labs remotely on our labs on cloud in presence of an online instructor.
  • Rstforum uses microsoft lync engine to deliver instructor led online training.
  • Advances in computer network technology, improvements in bandwidth, interactions, chat and conferencing, and realtime audio and video offers unparalleled training opportunities.
  • Instructor led online training can helps today’s busy professionals to perform their jobs and upgrade knowledge by integrating self-paced instructor led online training in their daily routines.

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