All You Need To Know About the Preparation Procedures for CCNP Certification

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The Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching certification is the most requested computer certification in the world and a central and fundamental part of the Cisco Systems certification program, universally recognized as the most accredited in the IT labor market.

This certification attests the skills in the installation, configuration and diagnostics of medium and large corporate networks and all essential networking services to the coverage of most advanced services.

The Cisco CCNP training in Mumbai identifies a networking professional able to plan, install and maintain converged business networks LAN and WAN, ensuring a thorough understanding of advanced routing and switching within highly complex networks.

In particular, the CCNP certified technician is able to manage routing problems in the implementation of Cisco ISR Routers that are scalable and secure in both LAN and WAN environments, managing complex LAN solutions using Cisco Campus Enterprise Architecture, including convergence issues, applying structured troubleshooting in solving related problems. Ample space is given to IPv6 technologies.

The Cisco CCNP certification path is divided into three parts, corresponding to the same number of exams and courses. The following are the names and acronyms of the 3 certification exams that make up the Cisco CCNP:

Business value of Cisco CCNP training in Pune

The CCNP certification – Cisco Certified Network Professional – is the most widespread and prestigious professional industrial certification on computer networks. Furthermore, the presence of Cisco certified personnel is an indispensable condition for companies to maintain their status as a Cisco business partner.

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification attests the ability to plan, verify and troubleshoot LAN and WAN networks, and to collaborate with specialists on advanced security, voice, wireless and video solutions. For this reason, CCNP certification is suitable for those who have at least one year of networking experience and is ready to take a step forward in their skills, to work independently on complex network solutions. Who obtains the CCNP certification proves to possess the skills required in company roles such as the network technician, the support engineer, the system and the network engineer.

Duration and renewal of the CCNP certification

Validity: Cisco CCNP certifications are valid for 3 years.

In order for the CCNP certification to be valid, the passing of all the three Route, Switch and TShoot certification exams must be carried out within three years from the date of the first CCNP certification exam.

The requirement for the validation of the first of the three CCNP certification exams is the candidate’s possession of a valid CCNA certification.

WhenThe requirement you take the CCNP automatically the CCNA goes to a secondary plane and it is the CCNP that is valid and you have 3 more years, but to be able to take out the CCNP you have to have the CCNA, then before the CCNA expires, 1 year before or a few months before, you take the CCNP which are 3 exams and so you renew automatically, but at a higher level your certification.