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Our placement services team will find you the right opportunities in the industry and connects you with organizations that match your passion and vision. Our placements are always some of best in the industry and will help you get placed in some of the best MNC’s in the world.

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Ready to amplify your team with top-tier talent? Let's make your recruitment journey seamless, efficient, and remarkably rewarding. Contact us and access a pool of exceptional candidates eager to drive your company's success story!

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Every member in the placements team has minimum 10 years of experience in the technology industry. We counsel students, mentor them, guide them and help them in finding the path which is best suited for them. Along with technical troubleshooting, we have also become experts in human troubleshooting over all these years. So come to RST Forum and talk to anyone right from the manager, our technical trainers to our recruitment specialists and they will put an end to all your queries and help you in climbing the ladder of the IT industry.

We approach the workplace as something that adds to our lives and adds value to world.

We ensure your career aspirations meet perfect match. Engage with our expert recruitment team dedicated to understanding your skills, ambitions, and career goals to align you with the ideal opportunities. Get our tailored assistance in crafting professional resumes that stand out. Our interview readiness program provides invaluable guidance and resources, equipping you with the confidence and skills needed to excel in interviews. We're committed to not just placing you in a role, but preparing you holistically for success in your chosen career path.

Looking for a job?

Visit RSTForum and speak to our Recruitment Team or call to book an appointment.

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Interview Readiness Program

This is our one of a kind initiative where we provide guidance and resources to build technical and communication skills needed to excel in interviews.

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