7 CCIE Strategy Mistakes - What I Would Do Differently Next Time!

People who have opted for the CCIE examinations and fail to pass in the first attempt sometimes commit the mistake of developing a wrong strategy which would otherwise prove to be beneficial for them if made correctly. Here are a few of the mistakes that you should completely avoid if you want to ace the CCIE examination:

1. Inability to access your skills in CCIE

You must have a clear idea about your strengths and weaknesses and make sure that you work on them so that they do not pose a problem during the final day. Keep practising the online tests so that you have a rough idea about the conduction of exam.

2. Starting the preparation just before the examination

CCIE is not a cakewalk and it is impossible to get a grip on the entire syllabus just a few days before the exam so it would be better that you start with the serious preparation at least six months in advance so that you are thorough with the syllabus.

3. Not sticking to the schedule

It would be better if you abide by the schedule and prepare a plan for completing the syllabus and do the revision simultaneously. Preparing a schedule would give you an insight into the topics that you might have missed out so that you can take out time to study them.

4. Relying just on the books

Preparing for the CCIE examination is not just about the theoretical knowledge and rather requires an equal attention towards the practical aspects as well. You must get beyond the books and watch training videos and apply the concepts practically so that you have a clear idea about the different aspects of the course.

5. Preparing and testing all by yourself

CCIE is not an easy exam and requires precision which is why it is important that you assess yourself way before the exam and that too in the vicinity of a group of like minded people or even a professional trainer so that you get to know where you are lacking in the preparation. If you are not confident about the syllabus, it would be better that you take CCIE training in Pune so that you get well versed in the same.

6. Not studying enough after initial failed attempts

If you are unable to pass the CCIE exam in the first attempt then it is time that you hold your reigns and be prepared for the tough to dawn upon you. CCIE preparation requires a continuous practice and you must make sure that you work hard to ace it.

7. Lack of focus

Discard all the things that are acting as a barrier in your preparation and start studying with more focus until you reach your goal. Give yourself daily tasks and see whether or not you are able to complete them so that you evaluate your performance and make it better if required.