Biggest Cisco Certification Update: New CCIE Coming in 2020!!!

Cisco certification is considered an acclaimed certification.  It is important to obtain this certification for making a professional career.  Obtaining Cisco certification is significant for a successful professional career in IT. CCIE-Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification is a high-level certification for networking professionals.  Obtaining the CCIE certification will impart you with the skills required to maintain and troubleshoot complex networking problems. The CCIE certification program is divided into six separate series that include:  collaboration, data center, routing and switching, security, service provider, and wireless.

CCIE certification was issued in 1993. CCIE is upgraded and updated regularly by Cisco. The innovative new CCIE is coming in 2020.  It includes the following certifications:

  • CCNP Enterprise Infrastructure.  
  • CCNP Enterprise Wireless.
  • CCIE Data Center.
  • CCIE Security.
  • CCIE Service Provider.
  • CCIE Collaboration.

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certification is a series of technical certifications for senior networking professionals who can build, design and handle complex networking structures. 

Expert-level certifications

CCIE Collaboration

CCIE Collaboration is a high-tech certification which is specially designed for architects and engineers. Candidates must pass a two hour written exam and eight-hour lab exam.   It includes topics like configuration, troubleshooting, and integration.

CCIE Data Center

CCIE Data Center is a certification designed for professionals working with design, planning, and implementation for data center infrastructure.  Candidates must pass a two-hour written exam and an eight-hour lab exam to troubleshoot complex data center problems.

CCIE Routing and Switching

CCIE routing and switching certification are designed for expert-level engineering professionals for covering complex networking concepts.    

CCIE Security

The CCIE Security certification prepares engineers to help in network security systems. 

CCIE Service Provider

CCIE service provider certification helps candidates to configure service provider equipment.   

CCIE Wireless

CCIE wireless certification aims at wireless local area networks (WLANs) and helping candidate to configure wireless networks.    

CCIE Training Options 

CCIE Training can be obtained by taking a professional course by joining Cisco authorized training program. The CCIE is considered to be among the most esteemed and industry-recognized networking certifications that can greatly improve the career prospects of networking engineers.  

CCIE certification covers advanced technological sections as programmability, internet of things and cloud computing.  CCIE Certification helps the student to get both practical and logical knowledge of networking concepts.    

The CCIE certification is highly in demand. The CCIE certified professionals are highly in demand in reputed companies and IT firms. Candidates who are interested in achieving a professional level in the networking industry should obtain CCIE certification. The CCIE professionals are highly in demand in 2020 and have great career prospects in the networking industry. The CCIE certified professionals can fetch higher positions and excellent salary packages as they are considered top in the networking industry.   

If you are looking for CCIE certification, then you should get registered with famous institutes like to get the most comprehensive networking training. Such professional guidance and specialized training by expert and experienced trainers will surely help you to obtain a highly acclaimed networking certification like CCIE and help you to achieve success in the networking industry.