Few Tips to Prepare for Cisco CCNP Exam

Time to move to the next level of a higher level of professional certification- “CCNP”!

CCNP certification is a more in-depth study of basics covered in the CCNA course. CCNP Routing and Switching are one of the domains of expertise offered by CCNP. A Cisco certified professional ensures the recruiters that they are onboarding a competent resource to handle the tasks at hand.

Passing a CCNP is not one day’s work. It calls for actually burning the midnight oil.  CCNP Training courses are available in Mumbai and Pune and are professionally designed to make the students achieve success.   These are the tips to ensure you clear the CCNP certification without getting overstressed:

  • Revisit your CCNA course:

Make sure to revisit your CCNA course basics while preparing for CCNP certification. Revolving under the same topics CCNP gives you in-depth knowledge and logic of CCNA sub-topics. It may be quite some while since you cleared your CCNA certification course, refresh some knowledge, skills, and logic to help you prepare for the CCNP certification.

  • Go Topicwise:

The CCNP course is not one that you can cram. You must understand each subtopic in depth and end to end. Reading an entire book in one go without assessing how well you understood each topic does not work for CCNP. Practicing and evaluating your knowledge and skills of each topic on the practical level is very important. You will feel more confident while you move ahead and get a better understanding of the next topics.

  • Go beyond the course:

Although the CNP course books are extensive, Cisco and its followers have forums and groups that can help you add more to your knowledge and skills. Follow the blogs to get the knowledge of latest updates of networking news. Check out YouTube videos and watch the course videos or CCIE expert videos and learn from them. The best part if being connected to the groups and the forums is the help they provide you if you are stuck on a problem, or provide a few practical tips.

  • Practical knowledge:

CCNA certification must have set your standards clear. Cisco certification is never about just bookish knowledge. If you cleared your CCNA certification without any lab setup, CCNP is not going to be easy if you so not have hands-on knowledge. Practice a lot in your CCNP lab to get the hang of Cisco CCNP devices and score well on your CCNP certification.

  • Plan your exam series:

CCNP has 3 modules of exams:

  • 300-101- Route
  • 300-115 Switch
  • 300-135 TSHOOT

You have complete authority to choose the sequence in which you want to take up the exams. CCIE experts state you must take the first one which you are most confident about. When you clear first exam your confidence for the next coming exams gets a boost. Make sure you plan this way well in advance so that your preparation and sitting through the exams is in sync.

You should have a plan for the preparation. Get a print out of the syllabus and make a plan an individual study method based on this. Relax in between your preparation days and get a clear idea of how your preparation is going and steer it a little.

You can connect to CCIE experts to get CCNP training in Mumbai, CCNP training in Pune and take guidance from them.  As they are experienced, they may help you with planning your preparation and make aware of all do’s and don’ts of the CCNP routing and switching certification. Getting help from experts keeps your knowledge bank updated, and you can get your queries resolved from a practical standpoint. You can visit the online site Rstforum.net to gain more knowledge.

The most valuable thing while going for the exam is to have a relaxed mind. If you a through with the concepts and have taken efforts in trying out ideas for yourself, it will become effortless to crack the certification. With CCNP training in Mumbai, CCNP training in Pune you can methodically prepare for your CCNP certification exam with ease.