How to Become Red Hat Certified and Is It Worth It?

Red Hat Inc. offers open-source software solutions to different companies with varying technology needs. From airlines to healthcare companies, a whopping 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Red Hat software solutions to bring efficiency into their business operations and to optimize the use of technology in their organization.

Red Hat is particularly known for its Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution along with other portfolios of products and services that include JBoss middleware, cloud computing, and others. Red Hat offers several professional certifications and training programs to enable software professionals to use Red Hat’s operating systems, storage, and cloud computing solutions and other products efficiently. With the growing dependence on technology and the increasing demand for Red Hat’s software solutions, enrolling for Red Hat training in Pune can be a great way to boost your career in the field of IT.

How to become Red Hat certified?

Red Hat offers about 30 certifications that cover all possible specializations and are catered for system administrators, software engineers, enterprise developers, application administrators, data analysts and other such IT professionals who use RHEL in their work environment. The certification programs aim to ensure that the candidates are proficient in the understanding and use of RHEL and other Red Hat software solutions.

Each certification program requires the candidates to pass performance-based exams along with performing real-world tasks using Red Hat technologies. The candidates need to have practical knowledge as well as hands-on experience in managing the Linux environment and that is the reason people who aspire to apply for the certification take up Red Hat training in Pune.

As Red Hat certification doesn’t come easy, people who get Red Hat certified are considered to be specialists and they get paid much higher than the non-certified IT professionals. Red Hat certification can be easily considered as a stepping stone to a rewarding IT career.

What is the worth of Red Hat certification?

If you are looking at a long term career in the field of IT as a Linux administrator or engineer, Red Hat certification can be your key to success. As per industry standards, the certified administrators or engineers have more practical knowledge of using the Linux systems as the certification exam is performance-based.

For people who are looking for jobs, the Red Hat certification can help them get shortlisted easily as there is always a demand for a more skilled and technically adept candidate for handling important systems. Red Hat is a renowned and most popular name in the Linux market and certification from Red Hat gives you an edge over others. It is a way to showcase your technical knowledge and expertise.

Considering these aspects, it is safe to say that Red Hat certification is truly worth the time, money and effort you invest in training and preparing for the certification exams.