How to Prepare For CCNP in 2019

There’s been much talk about the forthcoming changes to these certifications, which grants sense. And It has been a while that Cisco made such advanced moves, which is a turn in IT certification-wise. If you are preparing for the ccnp exams, then you need to know about these certifications that roll around 2020.

If your journey of the Cisco certifications then, you need to track these changes;

CCNP Certification: the present

In the Cisco Network, the Professional you need does preceding these certifications toward your CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional). Perhaps you are following one of these certifications.

CCNP Routing and Switching CCNP Collaboration CCNP Wireless CCNP Data Centre CCNP Service Provider CCDP

For example; if you are seeking the CCNP routing and Switching certifications. Definitely, you have to meet its prerequisites, for that, you then start looking into the process of CCNP and preparation of the exam. Here you need to appear in three exams; 301-101 Route, 300-115Switch and 300-320Arch. After passing through the exam, you'll receive your certification of CCNP certification. From this example, it implies the common path, even for all CCNPs don’t require three exams. Even in some cases, it requires more to become certified.

Whatever the case is you need to flow with the current system with the direct path. Suppose if you already received your CCNP data centre, cert, CCNP Data Centre which is the next logical step.

Are You Currently Working on the CCNP?

What if you’re in the midst of your CCNP and you’re contemplating about setting for the changes to go into effect? Then you shouldn’t. In fact, you should ask to get certified before the changes Feb. 24, 2020. If you’ve previously started the work, don’t slow down. There’s plenty of time for your preparation. It would help if you focused on the program completion before it gets to change. Because certification is not going anywhere and without notifications, you won't be able to move forward with these programmes. If you become CCNP -certifies then, you can carry over the existing certification and can get credit for the new cert. For example; imagine if you have earned your CCNP routing and switching just earlier then the next year. Now before it expires in three years, you will have your CCNP Routing and Switching cert. On the other hand, you will also get a certification of CCNP enterprise, or if you are still confused about its specializations, then you can refer to CCNP migration tools.

Cisco Certified Specialist

CCNA is building the foundation of knowledge and on the other hand, the CCNP moving into different specialization, with a considerable gap between these two certifications. That’s where the Cisco Certified Specialist is taken under consideration. You will get a badge from these certifications that help you to display your specific skills in a particular area. Apparently, more importantly, it will provide you with the necessary experience which is useful to build toward your CCNP from the CCNA.