How to Renew Cisco’s CCNA Certification?

These have become very obvious questions nowadays for aspirants that what is the expiry date of CCNA and how it is renewed? 

Well, like every other thing, Cisco certification too needs time to time renewal or recertification so that it remains always updated with new technologies coming in the market. It also proves one’s capability in terms of track knowledge, which includes both theoretically and practically. If one gets successful in clearing the exam of any certification like CCNA, CCCNP, or CCIE, the Cisco certification of that person automatically gets renewed and extended for the coming time, too. The merit of the same or high level of Cisco certification is that it helps one in proving his or her subject knowledge while proving plenty of knowledge of the lower level certification.

What about the validity of CCNA Certification?

The time span of the validity of the CCNA Certification by Cisco is of 3 years. Simply putting one’s CCNA Certification is known to be valid for 3 years from the date of passing the Cisco certified CCNA online exam. However, one can extend or renew the certification as per his or his wish or comfort to save it from getting expired.

How the Recertification of CCNA certification with Associate level exams is done? 

The procedure of recertification or getting it renewed is a little tricky task as to recertify or renew one’s Cisco CCNA certification he/she must clear/complete one of the below-mentioned exams before the expiry day comes closer or ends

  • An aspirant needs to clear any associate level exam except ICND1 (100-101) and ICND2 (200-101). An aspirant is provided with a choice that he or she can go for any associate level exam in any track of CCNA, i.e., R&S, Security, Data Centre, Voice, Service Provider, etc. apart from the two mentioned earlier. Giving any associate level exam, in a way, provides a license to an aspirant to get his certification renewed for next 3 years from the date of clearing the recertification exam.

How the Recertification of CCNA with CCNA CCNP Certification is done?

In order to get your CCNA to recertify/ renew or extend ones CCNA certification with taking help of CCNP Certification and for this one must clear one of the below-mentioned exams before the expiration date expires:

  • Clear any recent 642 series Professional-level or any 300 series Expert-level exam. By clearing any professional level exams like CCNP Route, Firewall or any other, previous certifications like CCNA, CCNA Security, etc., you get a license to get it renewed for the next 2 years.

How the Recertification of CCNA with CCIE level Certification is done?

If one wants to renew, recertify, or extend one’s Cisco CCNA Certification with the help of CCIE or Expert level Certification, then the following points are necessary to be kept in mind:

  • An aspirant needs to pass any current CCIE Written Exam in any track, i.e., Voice, Security, Service Provider, R&S, Dtheata Centre, etc. before the certification date gets expired. By giving any CCIE Written or CCDE exam, previously held certifications like CCNA, CCNP, CCDP, etc. will get a license to get it renewed for next 18 months, which is considered to be the actual validity of CCIE or CCDE written exam. Any last certifications like CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE written, CCIE Lab can be renewed by passing any CCIE Lab exam as well. One cannot give a Lab exam for same track again but can get his/her certifications recertified by appearing for same or different written exams or bypassing any other CCIE lab exam.

Apart from the options mentioned above, one can also make a decision of passing any current CCDE Written Exam or any current CCDE Practical Exam or Pass the Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) interview and the CCAr board review to expand lower certifications. To sum up, in order to get your Cisco renewed with CCNA Certification one needs to pass or clear a higher level certification (or equivalent certification exam except for ICND1 n ICND2) which automatically get your CCNA certification extended to the date of expiry of the higher level of Cisco certification. For example, if an individual has a year left for his CCNA Security certification to expire and he/she clears CCIE Security examination, then both the certifications will be valid till the actual date of expiry of the CCIE Security Certification, i.e., the higher level of certification.