Linux Course Online Vs Linux Classroom Training: Which One Should You Prefer

If you are planning to join Linux training then you are in the right place. But you should be aware of losing a lot of money by joining a Linux Administration training courses that are taught in the classroom.

As a new user, you will find that there are a lot of ways to get admitted to Linux training. And joining classroom training is one of the most common methods. However, there are other ways to learning and you can save a lot of money, time and frustration if you are well averse with technology with self-paced learning materials instead.

7 reasons why you should not throw your money away by joining Linux course classroom courses:

  • 1. The Training May Be Over Your Head.

The “level” of the linux course in pune is even more complex than you had actually imagined it to be. Most of the classroom training sessions start from the intermediate level and get complex swiftly. You may be left into the extras and an “Intro to Linux” course might not be within your reach anymore.

Most of the online Linux training material start the chapters with a very basic “intro level” and then build up gradually step by step on the subjects to provide you with the deepest level of knowledge and training you need.

  • 2. Poor Instructor Quality.

Unless you have attended the trial classes, it is really hard to analyze the quality of instructions, until you have actually joined the course. Also by reading and watching the Linux material for training, you can quickly tell if the tutor is going to deliver easy and excellent training.

  • 3. Very Expensive.

Linux courses that are taught in classrooms are quite expensive and once you have completed the course, they are over. As an alternative to it, the online learning material available is not just inexpensive but can be read and learned as many times as a user wants to.

  • 4. Fixed Training Time.

Linux course in Mumbai run on fixed starting and ending times and one can lose all of their money if you are unable to make it on the right time for the training classes. You can resort to self-paced learning materials any time of the day, no matter where you are. And some of these learning materials are available free of access cost for a month or so.

  • 5. Terrible Classroom Training Materials.

What happens is that most of the expensive learning Linux classroom courses provide poor quality classroom material in the form of ebooks, books or videos. You can easily determine whether the learning material provided by Linux is of high quality or not.

  • 6. Fully Devoted Training Time.

For Linux training classes, you need to devote one or even more number of days to regular training and if you are caught up with some work, it becomes really difficult to join classes. However, with online learning classes system, you can manage things like that

  • 7. All of the other expenses.

The online learning classes do not come with the tag of hidden costs such as travel costs, parking, meals and maybe even hotel costs.