What is the Difference between CCNA and CCIE Training?

The different levels of Cisco certification have great scope in IT networking industry.   The scope and job opportunities both increase from CCNA to CCIE. Cisco CCIE certification has a vast scope and is the most demanded as well as the highest paid IT certifications in the world. If you are willing to build your career in the networking field, then Cisco courses are the best choices.

With the technological advancement and globalization, the computers act as communication channels allowing us to communicate and share lot of information with each other. In this era, there is a great need of networking specialists in business, education, healthcare and other sectors. A networking specialist should have a combination of technical knowledge and communication skills.  With this, the demand of computer networking careers is becoming increasingly popular. The networking professionals must keep themselves updated about the latest trends in networking. For this, one can do specialized courses in networking like CCNA and CCIE training in Mumbai.      CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a popular certification in computer networking, which is developed by Cisco Systems. It is a popular IT certification and helps get a good networking job in Information Technology. The CCNA course helps to become competent in the installation as well as support of medium-sized networks.  It deals with the basic networking concepts and the CCNA training helps to become specialized in networking, including Routing and Switching, Security, and Voice.

Cisco CCIE certification is the highest and the expert level certification by Cisco Systems and is offered in various technologies like Routing & Switching, Security, Data Center, Collaboration etc. and it validates skills like designing, implementing, configuring, troubleshooting and managing complex Cisco Networks.  CCIE training is the high end network training and is considered as an ultimate choice for a networking professional who wants to expand his career in the networking field.

CCIE training is more evolved and conducted at a higher level than CCNA training. It is more in-depth and detailed as compared to CCNA training. The CCIE networking professions get a high pay package in the networking industry. The duration of the course in CCIE training is longer as compared to CCNA training.   

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