Angular Web Development Framework

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80 hrs.

This course is designed for anyone seeking career enhancement in web development or validate their knowledge and expertise in Angular web development framework developed by Google. Candidates will learn to implement pillars of angular concept such as data binding, dependency injection, Directives, Components, Services, Modules, TypeScript, Routing, and single-page applications. This course also helps candidates to use Angular tools and libraries, adhere to best programming practices, construct modular code, and integrate with backend services. This course also covers crucial skills for developing user interfaces with Angular and deployment of Angular Apps on cloud platforms. This is a lab-intensive course and objectives are accomplished through hands on learning.

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This 80hrs (Lectures + hands-on Lab) Angular web development framework training is designed for personnel involved in developing user interfaces and building large, scalable apps with Angular, a web application framework developed by Google. This course provides candidates with in-depth knowledge to develop user-friendly, secure, and scalable single page web applications and enhances programming skills, potentially opening doors to new job opportunities. Candidates will learn core Angular concepts such as Components, Directives, Services, Data Binding, Parent-Child communication and vice-versa, and Routing. This course also trained candidates in advance topics like Wiring up Back-end, Reactive Forms, Dependency Injections among others, Consuming REST APIs over Http, working with RxJs, Pipes, Hooks, App security, CORS, Lazy loading, and more. This is a lab-intensive course and objectives are accomplished through hands on learning.

The key to a high success rate is based on the program’s objectives as follows:

  • Course contents are based on recommended production-grade practices and real-world uses.
  • Dedicated Monitoring to evaluate and report candidate’s progress.
  • Extensive hands-on lab exercises.
  • Industry acclaimed, experienced and certified instructors.

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