Javascript Programming Language

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90 hrs.

This 90-hour (Lectures + hands-on Lab) JavaScript Programming course is structured to endow you with the knowledge, skills, and proficiency required to comprehend, develop, and employ highly dynamic, efficient, and scalable front-end applications. Candidates will traverse both fundamental and advanced concepts within front-end development. Throughout this course, candidates will navigate through essential topics, commencing from rudimentary concepts like HTML/CSS and JavaScript basics to more complex subjects involving next-generation JavaScript and asynchronous programming. They will also tackle real-world coding projects to reinforce their understanding and gain practical experience. Moreover, candidates will become adept at debugging and optimizing web applications, essential skills in the development of high-performing, user-centric applications. This is a lab-intensive, project-based course, and objectives are achieved through hands-on learning.

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This 90-hour (Lectures + hands-on Lab) JavaScript Programming course is meticulously structured to imbue you with the knowledge, skills, and expertise indispensable for comprehending, crafting, and deploying profoundly potent, reliable, and scalable web applications using JavaScript. Candidates will be guided through the art of creating intricate solutions with JavaScript, traversing an extensive array of topics, from foundational concepts to advanced techniques. Throughout the course, candidates will transition from fundamental aspects like variable types and control statements to more complex subjects such as asynchronous programming. Furthermore, candidates will refine their skills in performance analysis and debugging, crucial competencies in the realm of high-efficiency problem-solving and robust web development. Candidates will undertake numerous coding challenges and projects designed to sharpen their analytical thinking and solidify the theories discussed during the lectures. This is a lab-intensive, project-based course and objectives are accomplished through hands on learning. The key to a high success rate is based on the program’s objectives as follows:

  • Course contents are based on industry best practices.
  • Dedicated Monitoring to evaluate and report candidate’s progress.
  • Extensive hands-on lab exercises.
  • Industry acclaimed, experienced and certified instructors.

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