Pune Schedules

Upcoming Course Schedules for the Pune Branch.

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CourseGuranteed To RunBatchesTimingsStart Date
SDN - Software Defined Networking Weekend - Sunday Batch10:00am to 03:00pm21st Apr 2024
Advanced Java - Professional Weekend - Sunday Batch 02:00pm to 06:00pm21st Apr 2024
CCNAYESWeekend - Sunday Batch08:00am to 01:00pm03rd Mar 2024
CCNA Daily - Afternoon Batch03:00pm to 06:00pm25th Mar 2024
CCNAYESDaily - Evening Batch07:00pm to 09:30pm25th Mar 2024
LINUXYESWeekend - Sunday Batch09:00am to 02:00pm13th Apr 2024
LINUX Daily - Morning Batch10:30am to 12:30pm25th Mar 2024
CCNP SPCORYESWeekend - Sunday Batch02:00pm to 05:00pm04th May 2024
CCNP ENCOR Weekend - Saturday Batch02:00pm to 07:00pm23rd Mar 2024
CCNP ENCOR Daily - Morning Batch08:00am to 10:00am20th Mar 2024
CCNP ENCORYESDaily - Evening Batch07:00pm to 10:30pm20th Mar 2024
CCNP ENCOR + ENARSI (Combo)YESDaily - Evening Batch7:30pm to 10:00pm01st Apr 2024
CCNP SCORYESWeekend - Sunday Batch09:00am to 02:00pm14th Apr 2024
CCNP DCCORYESWeekend - Sunday Batch07:00pm to 10:00pm05th May 2024
DevNet Associate Weekend - Sunday Batch10.00am to 02.00pm12th May 2024
CCNP ENARSIYESDaily - Morning Batch10:30am to 12:30pm01st Apr 2024
CCNP SP AdvRoute Weekend - Sunday Batch09:00am to 02:00pm07th Apr 2024
CCNP SP VPN Weekend - Saturday Batch10:00am to 02:00pm04th May 2024
Full Stack JavaScript Web Development Daily - Afternoon Batch03:00pm to 06:00pm08th Apr 2024
DevOps Weekend - Saturday Batch10:00am to 02:00pm15th Apr 2024
AWS DevOps Weekend - Saturday Afternoon02:00pm to 06:30pm 12th Apr 2024
Azure DevOps Weekend - Saturday Batch10:00am to 02:00pm 20th Apr 2024
Cisco Software Defined (SD - WAN) Weekend - Saturday Batch11:00am to 03:00pm20th Apr 2024
DevNet Associate Weekend - Saturday Batch11:00pm to 03:00pm27th Apr 2024
Windows Server 2022 Daily - Morning Batch 10:00am to 12:30pm25th Mar 2024
AWSYESWeekend - Sunday Batch11:00am to 02:00pm25th Mar 2024
AWSYESWeekend - Saturday Batch11:00am to 02:00pm07th Apr 2024
Redhat Openshift Daily/WeekendCall to ScheduleCall to Schedule
Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA)YESWeekend - Sunday Batch10:00am to 02:00pm14th Apr 2024
Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSE) Weekend - Saturday Batch09:00am to 02:00pm20th Apr 2024
OPENSTACK CLOUD Daily/WeekendCall to scheduleCall to schedule
JAVAYESDaily - Afternoon batch03:00pm to 06:00pm02nd Apr 2024
Java Framework (Spring & Angular) Weekend - Saturday Batch10:00am to 02:00pm06th Apr 2024
PYTHONYESDaily - Evening Batch07:00pm to 09:00PM25th Mar 2024
PYTHONYESWeekend - Saturday Batch10:00am to 02:00pm06th Apr 2024
AZURE Weekend - Saturday Batch05:00pm to 08:00pm30th Mar 2024
Windows Server 2022 Daily - Evening Batch07:00pm to 09:30pm01st Apr 2024
VMWARE Weekend - Saturday Batch10:00am to 02:00pm06th Apr 2024
DCACI - Application Centric InfrastructureYESWeekend - Saturday Batch10:00am to 01:00pm23rd Mar 2024
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Weekend - Saturday Batch02:00pm to 06:00pm 23rd Apr 2024
CCNP CLCOR Daily/ WeekendCall to ScheduleCall to Schedule
CCNP ENARSI Weekend - Sunday Batch02:00pm to 06:00pm05th May 2024
Full Stack JavaScript Web Development Daily - Afternoon Batch03:00pm to 06:00pm21st Mar 2024