LAB 12: Installing and Configuring Jenkins on Linux

Step 1: Install Java and set path

sudo su -
yum update -y
yum install java-1.8\* -y
java -version
find / -name javac
ls -la
vi .bash\_profile
(Press i)
(Press esc)
sudo su -
echo $PATH

Step 2: Download & Install Jenkins on to EC2 instance

java -jar jenkins.war

Step 3: Get the default administrator password

vi /root/.jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword

Step 4: Open the browser and login to Jenkins console

Step 5: Skip plugins installation – On Customize Jenkins wizard click on the cross as we do not want any plugins right now

Step 6: Now Jenkins setup is completed, finally click on Start using Jenkins

Step 7: Jenkins Dashboard

Step 8: Change default admin Password

  • Go to Configure

  • Set your own password and click on Save