Cisco DevNet - Lab 4: Netconf Setting Up the Router

Netconf Setting Up the Router

In Lab 4, participants engage in setting up a router for Netconf, a crucial step in the journey of network programmability. This lab involves configuring a Cisco router to enable Netconf, a standardized protocol for managing network devices. Participants typically access the router's command-line interface (CLI) to activate Netconf capabilities and define necessary parameters. The configuration may include enabling the Netconf agent, specifying transport protocols, and configuring security features for secure communication. This hands-on experience helps participants understand the intricacies of enabling Netconf on Cisco devices, laying the foundation for programmable and automated network management. The lab emphasizes practical skills in configuring routers for Netconf, a fundamental aspect of network automation and programmability within the Cisco DevNet ecosystem.


Setting Up Cisco Routers for NETCONF

Step 1: Setting Up SSH

  1. On cisco IOS XE CRS1000v router do the following configuration.
config t  
hostname RST  
ip domain name
  1. Enable encryption module.
crypto key generate rsa general-keys modulus 1024
  1. Enable SSH login
Line vty 0 4  
Login local  
transport input ssh
  1. Create local database of username and password
username cisco privilege 15 secret cisco
  1. Configure ssh parameters
ip ssh version 2

Step 2: Setting Up NETCONF

  1. On cisco IOS XE CRS1000v router do the following configuration.
config t  
no netconf-yang feature candidate-datastore

Alright, you should be all set and ready to start the lab!