Cisco DevNet - Lab 7: Restconf Setting Up the Router

Restconf Setting Up the Router

In Lab 7, participants embark on configuring a router for Restconf, a critical step in the journey toward network programmability. This hands-on lab guides participants through the process of setting up a Cisco router to enable Restconf, a RESTful API protocol used for device management. Configuration tasks typically involve accessing the router's command-line interface (CLI) to activate Restconf features, specify transport protocols, and establish security parameters for secure communication. By enabling Restconf on a Cisco router, participants gain practical experience in preparing network devices for RESTful API interactions. This lab underscores the importance of hands-on configuration and lays the groundwork for leveraging Restconf in programmable and automated network management within the Cisco DevNet ecosystem.


Step 1: Setting Up RSA based authentication

  1. On cisco IOS XE CRS1000v router do the following configuration.
config t
username cisco privilege 15 secret cisco
  1. Enable encryption module to generate RSA key.
ip http secure-server

Step 2: Setting Up RETCONF

  1. On cisco IOS XE CRS1000v router do the following configuration.
  2. Enable RESTCONF interface
configure terminal

Alright, you should be all set and ready to start the lab!