SCOR Lab 8: Enable Prefilter Policy on Cisco Firepower

Enable Prefilter Policy on Cisco Firepower

In Lab 8: Enable Prefilter Policy on Cisco Firepower, participants typically focus on enhancing the threat detection and prevention capabilities of the Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) system. This Security Core (SCOR) lab involves the configuration of prefilter policies, allowing for advanced inspection and filtering of network traffic before reaching the main inspection policies. Participants may define specific criteria and actions in the prefilter policy to identify and mitigate potential threats effectively. The lab aims to provide hands-on experience in optimizing security posture by implementing prefilter policies on Cisco Firepower, enabling participants to proactively filter and handle traffic based on predefined rules. Successful completion of SCOR Lab 8 equips participants with practical skills in leveraging prefilter policies for improved threat detection and network security within the Cisco Firepower environment.