Lab 9 – WDS

Adding WDS Role using Server Manager      

  • Start the Windows Deployment Service

  • Before we proceed, please make sure that you already insert your Windows 7, either DVD or ISO format if you are using Vmware/Hyper-V

  • Our next step is to add a boot image into the WDS console, so in the Windows Deployment Services console, double click and then right-click Boot Images, and then click Add Boot Image

  • On the Add Image Wizard, on the Image File page, click Browse, then in Select Windows Image File box, double-click DVD Drive (D:), double-click sources folder, and then double-clickboot.wim
  • On the Image File box, verify the File Location which is D:\sources\boot.wim and then click Next

  • On the Image Metadata box, click Next

  • On the Available Images box, leave the default checks as it is, and then click Next to proceed

  • On the Summary box, click Next and wait for few minutes for the process to be completed

  • On the Task Progress box, click Finish

  • Press F12 for Network Service boot

  • Loading files from the WDS server

  • If the loading files successful, WDS Windows Setup box will appear and you can proceed by clicking Next

  • Type a User Name and Password

  • Next, on the Select the operating system you want to install, select Windows 7 Professional and then click Next to proceed with installation