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Cisco SD-WAN

What is Cisco SD-WAN?

Cisco SD-WAN is a software-defined approach to managing your Wide Area Network (WAN). It replaces the traditional hardware-centric WAN with a flexible, cloud-based solution that dynamically routes traffic across multiple connections, including MPLS, broadband, LTE, and more. This allows you to:

  • Optimize performance: By intelligently distributing traffic across the best available path, Cisco SD-WAN ensures faster application response times and a smoother user experience.
  • Reduce Costs: You can break free from expensive MPLS circuits and leverage lower-cost internet connections while maintaining high performance.
  • Simplify Management:  Cisco SD-WAN offers a centralized, cloud-based management console that makes it easy to provision, monitor, and troubleshoot your network.
  • Increased Security:  Cisco SD-WAN integrates with best-in-class security solutions, such as Cisco Umbrella, to protect your network from malware, phishing, and other threats.

How does Cisco SD-WAN work?

  • SD-WAN Edge Devices: These are deployed at your branch offices, data centers, and other locations. They collect traffic and send it to the
  • Cisco vManage Clould Controller: This central hub analyzes traffic patterns, network conditions, and security policies to determine the best path for each packet.
  • Dynamic Path Selection:  vManage then instructs the Edge devices to send traffic over the optimal path, based on factors like latency, bandwidth, and cost.

Benefits of Cisco SD-WAN:

  • Improved Application Performance: Faster response times and better user experience for cloud and on-premises applications.
  • Reduced Costs: Lower bandwidth usage and decreased reliance on expensive MPLS circuits.
  • Simplified Management: Lower bandwidth usage and decreased reliance on expensive MPLS circuits.
  • Increased Agility: Rapid deployment and scaling of new network connections.
  • Enhanced Security: Integrated security features for comprehensive network protection.

Who uses Cisco SD-WAN?

Cisco SD-WAN is ideal for organizations of all sizes that want to:

  • Improve network performance and reliability
  • Reduce WAN Costs
  • Simplify Network Management
  • Increased Security

What will you learn here?

This page aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of SD-WAN including:

  • Fundamentals: Learn the core concepts of Cisco SD-WAN, its architecture, and key components.
  • Benefits and Use Cases: Discover how Cisco SD-WAN can address your specific network challenges and improve your business operations.
  • Deployment and Configuration: Get step-by-step guidance on deploying and configuring Cisco SD-WAN in your network.
  • Management and Optimization: Learn how to manage your Cisco SD-WAN network effectively and optimize performance.
  • Advanced Features: Explore advanced capabilities like application-aware routing, security integration, and multi-cloud connectivity.

We encourage you to explore the resources listed below for further learning and to leave any questions or comments you may have.


We hope this page serves as a valuable resource on your journey to a more agile, efficient, and secure WAN with Cisco SD-WAN!